Giving Back

We started Show Your Teal to help those in the food allergy community. Not only with our products, but we also wanted to give back by using some of our funds to support others in the food allergy community and our community in general. We decided to build after the model of for-profit companies that give a portion of their profits to charities and helping the community.

We are proud to support with your purchases the following:
  • FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education)- One of the foremost research and advocacy 501c3s for the food allergy community. The information they provide is stellar. They are continually a great voice in government and the business world for those with food allergies. If you do not know them, you should check them out. 
  • UFAN (Utah Food Allergy Network) - We live and run our business out of Utah. This is the local food allergy support group. They provide great networking and community activities for the food allergy community. One of the favorites that we support and participate in is their non-food Trunk or Trick. 
  • Festival of Trees - This is a fundraiser selling Christmas trees and decorations to support Utah's children's hospital. Everything is donated by the local community and all money raised goes to the hospital. We feel it is a great way to support the hospital and those who are ill or suffering. 
  • Individuals with Food Allergies - Lastly, we occasionally come across an individual or family that has a need that we are well positioned to help.
We hope our food allergy products can help you cope with the food allergies in your life and that buying them helps do good in the world as well. Thank you!